Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Chairman    Dr. Lu CHUN-MEI

We are living in an exciting era where biotechnology is advancing at rapid pace, granting us the ability to conquer diseases that have were deemed impossible to tackle with in the past. Especially in the field of immunology, where the most recent Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine have been awarded to scholars with significant contribution to the study of immune system. At BioRay, we have been fortunate become involved in this trend. Since the founding of BioRay Biotechnology Co., Ltd in 2005, we have dedicated our efforts to provide a comprehensive immune protection, offering complete solution from immunity test, immunomodulating probiotic health supplements and immune cell products.

The most significant achievement of BioRay’s establishment is the immune-modulating probiotic product line. Our innovative development of patented probiotic strains, backed with solid scientific evidence, helped us to become the first business in Taiwan to earn the dual health food supplement certification. With the philosophy of “Homology of food and medicine” in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, BioRay has developed nearly 30 types of health supplements, offering full protection to the health of everyone.

In 2009, realizing that precision medicine is the future trend, BioRay began development of personalized probiotic screening methods. We used patented microarray technology platform to screen effective probiotic strains and improve their efficacy further. We also established precision test laboratory and developed functional medical examinations, such as liquid biopsy, next-gen gene sequencing, cancer cell cytotoxicity test and gut microflora analysis. Armed with these test methods, we can design precise and personalized healthcare solution that caters to individual needs.

In 2010, we began development of cell storage and immune cell culturing techniques, and established the quality assurance processes for cellular products. Our efforts were made in time to coincide with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s relaxation on regulations concerning cell therapy in 2017, allowing us to collaborate with medical institutions and provide patients with latest advancement medical technology.

Aside from technological innovation, we also holds quality in high regard. Our patented probiotic strains are manufactured in contracted North American (U.S. and Canada) fermentation plants, which produce products high in probiotic counts and quality. Our health supplement plant is located at the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park and meets the national and international quality standards for TQF, ISO22000 and HACCP certification. Our precision test laboratory is located the Southern Taiwan Science Park and meets the ISO17025 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, in order to provide accurate and precise analysis. Our cell storage and culturing laboratories are GTP compliant and provide high quality and active cellular products.

BioRay is dedicated to helping the world through technology, stemming from the core belief of physician’s conscience and professionalism. We aim to continuously innovate technology – the year 2020 will be the Year of the Novel Protein Drugs. We will utilize the results of our past protein drugs and platforms into the development of novel immune drugs, and maintain our lead in the field of immunological technology.



Founder   Dr. TING-YUAN

Dr. Ting Yuan Xu, a medical doctor with over 35 years of experience in medical research and clinical practice, is specialized in the fields of immunology and cancer medicine. Holding the belief that medical products should “Do No Harm”, Dr. Xu is dedicated to the research and development of natural, safe and effective health care and medical solutions. Dr. Xu has produced various outstanding academic achievements; for example he began development of DNA vaccine for allergic diseases as early as 1996, and have published his results in world class scientific journals such as Nature Medicine. Nowadays Dr. Xu is a world renowned expert in immunology.

In many years of clinical practice, Dr. Xu noted that most therapeutic methods for immune diseases only sought to control the symptoms, rather than going to the sources to improve the impaired immune system. This indirect approach cannot cure the underlying problem of the disease. After extensive research, Dr. Xu finally developed Taiwan’s first anti-allergy probiotic strain, which is backed by solid scientific evidences from cell experiments, animal trials and clinical trials. The results were also published in international journals and obtained international patents, leading to successful development and marketing of probiotic-based products. The product was certified to assist in modulating allergic body condition by the national health food standard, and started a trend of probiotics in Taiwan that has lasted more than a decade, and opened up an emerging business of functional probiotics in Taiwan.